Supportive Care

  1. Introduction:
    The BSMO Supportive Care Task Force has been created in 2018 by Prof Jean Klastersky, Dr Christel Fontaine and Marie-Aline Echterbille (administrative collaborator). The Task Force counts more than thirty members and collaborates very closely with the BSMO Survivorship Task Force chaired by Dr Christine Langenaeken (AZ Klina Brasschaat). We are also actively involved in the MASCC study groups such as: Geriatrics, Cancer pain and Palliative Care and Survivorship.
  2. Projects:
    • The Task Force has written guidelines for Belgium on extravasation, anemia, cardio-oncology, delirium, neutropenic fever and anti-emetics, of which two were published in the BJMO.
    • Two national surveys have been conducted: the first one has evaluated the organisation of the current supportive care settings and the second has investigated the pain management in the different Belgian centers.
    • Every year a Post-MASCC meeting is organized to give the health care professionals an insight into the topics that have been discussed during the MASCC congress. The 2023 edition will host a new event: a grant for research in Supportive Care will be awarded to a young physician.
    • The annual BSMO meeting will be the opportunity to present several research projects of our members as well as educational sessions.
    • Introduction of the “BSMO Supportive Care – Young Investigator Award” to lance active research in Supportive care.
  3. Publications:
    Fontaine C, Echterbille MA, Klastersky J on behalf of the members of the BSMO Supportive Care Taskforce; BSMO (Belgian Society of Medical Oncology) Supportive Care Working Group. Supportive care for cancer patients: a survey of available settings and current practices in Belgium. Support Care Cancer. 2021 Sep;29(9):5507-5512. doi: 10.1007/s00520-021-06076-1. Epub 2021 Mar 12. PMID: 33710412.
    B Von Kemp et. On behalf of the members of the BSMO Supportive Crae Taskforce; BJMO 2021; 15:367-73.
    Verschaeve, I. Clement Corral, C. Dumont et al. On behalf of the BSMO Supportive Care Taskforce. Delirium in adult cancer patients: BSMO guidelines. BJMO 2022; 16(4): 166-75.
  4. Members: list of the members.
    Anne Humblet, Anne Vanden Broecke, Annelies Troch, Anne-Marie Lecoque, Ahmad Awada, Barbara Plehiers, Berlind Von Kemp, Caroline Lamot, Catherine Dopchie, Charles-Henri Serre, Christel Fontaine, Christine Langenaeken, Corina Martinez, Corinne Vaysse-Van Oost, Daphné Serruys, Dirk Schrijvers, Dominique Lossignol, Marie-Aline Echterbille, Eline Naert, Els Everaert, Fabienne Lebrun, Florence Van Ryckeghem, Francis Krekelbergh, Geertje Miedema, Heidi Van Den Bulck, Hugo Daniels, Ingrid Theunissen, Jacky Botterman, Jean-Paul Van Vooren, Jeroen Mebis, Joëlle Collignon, Jolanda Verheezen, Julie Blanchard, Kevin Punie, Jean Klastersky, Vibeke Kruse, Laura Depauw, Laura Tack, Laurent Knoops, Isabelle Libert, Emanuela Valentina Ligabo, Lionel Duck, Lore De Cock, Lore Lapeire, Marie-Christine Payen, Martine Delaat, Mia Voordeckers, Nele Van den Noortgate, Nico Blyaert, Philippe Debruyne, Rudolf van Puijenbroek, Stéphane Holbrechts, Tine Loyson, Vincent Brouillard, Vincent Verschaeve, Ziad El Ali

December 2023

BSMO guidelines for supportive care

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List of experts for the different topics in supportive care:
1. Cancer pain: Dr Blyaert Nico/ Dr Matic M.
2. Cancer fatigue: Prof Adriaenssens N.
3. Cachexia and nutrition: Prof De Waele E. – Uyttersprot Karolien/ Dr Vandebroek A.
4. VTE and prevention: Dr Naert E.
5. Cardio oncology: Dr Von Kemp B.
6. Febrile neutropenia and neutropenic fever: Prof Dr Collignon Joelle
7. Anemia and iron substitution: Dr Lamot C
8. Extravasation: Dr Van Ryckeghem Florence/ Dr Troch A.
9. Treatment of oral mucositis: Dr Van Den Bulk Heidi/ Prof Dr Collignon J/ Prof Genot MT
10. Digital application of PROMS: Prof Dr Mebis Jeroen/ Dr Verschaeve V.
11. Cancer rehabilitation: Dr Verschaeve V.
12. Menopause and androgen deprivation issues: Dr Theunissen I.
13. Palliative care: Dr Langenaeken Christine/ Prof Dr Lapeire L.
14. Anti-emetics: Dr Fontaine C.
15. Integrative therapies during and after cancer treatment: Dr Theunissen Ingrid/ Prof Debruyne P – Tack L.

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