BSMO meeting materials

21st Annual BSMO meeting 2019

Presentations Friday 22 February

10:00 General Assembly
11:00 Clinical management of first line triple negative breast cancer (cases RFS<1y, RFS >1y) Michail Ignatiadis, Institut Jules Bordet
11:30 Clinical management of first line triple negative breast cancer with BRCA mutation Jacques De Grève, UZ Brussel
12:00 Treatment algorythm ER positive HER2 negative advanced breast cancer Guy Jerusalem, CHU de Liège
14:00 Practice changing topics in breast cancer Francois Duhoux, UC Louvain
14:30 Practice changing topics in Sarcoma Christine Gennigens, CHU de Liège
15:00 Topics in lung cancer Lore Decoster, UZ Brussel
15:50 Pfizer award IREN : A multilingual decision aid to support cancer patients’ decisions about clinical trial participation Patrick Miqueu, Institut Jules Bordet
16:00 Topics in gastrointestinal NEN (neuroendocrine neoplasms) Karen Geboes, UZ Gent
16:30 Tissue agnostic oncology Hans Prenen, UZ Antwerpen
17:00 Immunotherapy induced arthritis Laurent de Bellefon, UC Louvain
17:30 Update on ovarian cancer Peter Vuylsteke, CHU UCL Namur

Presentations Saturday 23 February

09:15 Introduction Jacques De Grève, BSMO President
09:45 Translational research 2018 Luc Dirix, Iridum Kankernetwerk
10:15 Paper of the Year Identification of the tumour transition states occurring during [EMT. Nature. 2018 Apr;556(7702):463-468] Cédric Blanpain, ULB Brussel
11.15 O.01 Clinical outcome and prognostic factors in oligometastatic breast cancer Tatjana Geukens, UZ Leuven
11.25 O.02 Fertility preservation does not delay the initiation of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant or neo-adjuvant chemotherapy Cynthia D’Hondt, UZ Brussel
11.35 O.03 Ethnic paradigm in prostate cancer – does it really matter? Fadi Dalati, CHU Saint Pierre
11.45 O.04 The spatial localization of immune cells predicts prognosis and response to therapy in inflammatory breast cancer  Christophe Van Berckelaer, UZ Antwerpen
11.55 O.05 The role of follicular helper CD4 T cells in breast cancer anti-tumoral immune response Mireille diane Langouo Fontsa, Institut Jules Bordet
12.05 O.06 CTC0 in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with androgen receptor-directed therapy Elisabeth De Meue, Sint Augustinus
12.15 O.07 Real-life value of follow-up FDG-PET/CT (FU-FDG-PET/CT) in patients with locoregionally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (LA-HNSCC) treated with chemoradiation (CRT) or (chemo)radiation ([C]RT) preceded by induction chemotherapy (IC) Bert Van Den Heuvel, UZ Antwerpen
12.25 O.08 Clinical presentation, natural history and therapeutic approach in patients with solitary fibrous tumor: a retrospective analysis Tim Wessels, UZ Leuven
12:45 Heuson Lecture:Lessons learned after two decades of translational research in early breast cancer trials Martine Piccart, Institut Jules Bordet