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The BSMO has initiated an effort to build a consensus electronic document on immune-related Adverse Events (irAE) that is published on the “ImmunoManager website”. The first objective of this project is to provide comprehensive recommendations on the diagnostic algorithm and treatment for the different types of irAE. The ImmunoManager is designed to be ready for direct clinical implementation by oncologists, generalists and organ specialists and can be consulted online. All ImmunoManager recommendations are put together by the BSMO Immuno Task Force in collaboration with organ specialists based on recent publications and clinical experience. An update is planned in March 2024.

Following this initiative, the task force has organised BITOX, a biweekly virtual meeting between oncologists and organ specialists to discuss all complex immunotoxicity cases. Common subjects are rare adverse events or prescribing immunotherapy to patients with underlying autoimmune diseases or organ transplants. The goal is to gather knowledge and experience about irAEs in order to obtain consenus about their management. Both professionals wishing to present a case or listen to the discussion are very welcome. Cases are submitted online or via mail.

BITOX board – if you would like to join the board, apply here!

Prof. Dr. S. Aspeslagh (UZ Brussel/VUB) (Organiser)
Dr. M. Verhaert (UZ Brussel)
Dr. M. Schreuer (ASZ Aalst)
Dr. M. Brandao (Bordet)
Prof. Dr. E. Wauters (UZ Leuven)
Dr. A. Rutten (GZA)
Prof. Dr. J. Dekervel (UZ Leuven)
Prof. Dr. E. Seront (UCL)
Dr. M. Languou-Fontsa (Bordet)
Pharm. S. Wuyts (UZB)

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