BSMO guidelines for supportive care


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List of experts for the different topics in supportive care:
1. Cancer pain: Dr Blyaert Nico/ Dr Matic M.
2. Cancer fatigue: Prof Adriaenssens N.
3. Cachexia and nutrition: Prof De Waele E. – Uyttersprot Karolien/ Dr Vandebroek A.
4. VTE and prevention: Dr Naert E.
5. Cardio oncology: Dr Von Kemp B.
6. Febrile neutropenia and neutropenic fever: Prof Dr Collignon Joelle
7. Anemia and iron substitution: Dr Lamot C
8. Extravasation: Dr Van Ryckeghem Florence/ Dr Troch A.
9. Treatment of oral mucositis: Dr Van Den Bulk Heidi/ Prof Dr Collignon J/ Prof Genot MT
10. Digital application of PROMS: Prof Dr Mebis Jeroen/ Dr Verschaeve V.
11. Cancer rehabilitation: Dr Verschaeve V.
12. Menopause and androgen deprivation issues: Dr Theunissen I.
13. Palliative care: Dr Langenaeken Christine/ Prof Dr Lapeire L.
14. Anti-emetics: Dr Fontaine C.
15. Integrative therapies during and after cancer treatment: Dr Theunissen Ingrid/ Prof Debruyne P – Tack L.