About BSMO

The Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO) is the professional association of the Belgian medical oncologists, an officially recognized specialty.

Since 40 years medical oncologists are responsible for the treatment of all types of cancer (localized and advanced) with medicines: chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Medical oncologists work in a multidisciplinary context together with specialties responsible for the local treatment of cancer (radiation and surgical oncologists) as well as diagnostic specialties.

Medical Oncologists are trained in internal medicine for three years, followed by a specific training in medical oncology for another three years. This is accompanied by a three-year interuniversity Postgraduate course and examination in Medical Oncology. Clinical and translational research is inherent to the training. The combination of clinical and research education ensures that medical oncologists acquire an in-depth knowledge of the biology of cancer and the mechanism of action of the various treatments used.

Progress in the treatment of cancer has been ongoing for several decades with the latest advances in targeted therapies and, more recently, immunotherapy of cancer.

Major aims of the BSMO

  1. Organization of educational activities that strengthen the professional skills of the members.
  2. Facilitate communication between the members and with other cancer specialties and researchers.
  3. Establish a framework to conduct joint clinical and translational studies.
  4. Advocate access to high quality cancer care without social or other discrimination


 A more detailed description of medical oncology and the BSMO