Belgian Multidiscplinary Immunotoxicity Board (BITOX)

Goal:  discussion immunotherapy issues

Question related to immunotherapy

  • Severe immune related adverse events
  • Start immunotherapy in dysimmunity patients
    • transplant patients
    • patients with chronic (viral) infection
    • patients with autoimmune disorder
    • patients where rechallenge is discussed
    • patients with immunosuppression
    • other

Online questionnaire

approx. 5 minutes to fill in case details
Click here to fill in case details

via smartphone 

Bi monthly virtual meeting via Teams

  • onco/hematologist
  • organspecialist
  • interested healthcare professionals
  • Timing: 1st and 3th Monday of each month 4pm


IT: Immunotherapy for solid or hematological cancers
irAE: Immune Related Adverse Event
ICI: Immune Checkpoint Inhibition
Dysimmunity: having an characteristic which might influence IT outcome (eg underlying auto immune disease, having previous irAE, chronic viral infection, severe allergy, ….)