23rd Annual BSMO meeting 2021

23rd Annual BSMO meeting 2021 will be held in full digital setting Saturday 6 February 2021

Final programme

08:55 Welcome and introduction – Sylvie Rottey, UZ Gent
09:00 Lecture renal cell carcinoma – chair Sylvie Rottey, UZ Gent
Systemic treatment of RCC – Viktor Grünwald, University hospital Essen, Germany
09:35 Best of abstracts – chair Hans Prenen,UZA Antwerpen
Introduction & explanation voting Best Junior Abstracts
09:45 Cardiotoxicity of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI): a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials – Elisa Agostinetto, Institut Jules Bordet
09:55 Systematic review and meta-analysis of febrile neutropenia risk with TCH(P) in HER2-positive breast cancer – Hannah Van Belle, KU Leuven
10:05 Overall survival improvement in metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma patients from 2000 to 2020 – Sofie Demasure, UZ Leuven
10:15 Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors (CDK4-6i) as adjuvant treatment for patients (pts) with hormone receptor-positive (HR+)/HER2-negative (HER2-) early breast cancer (EBC): a systematic  review and meta-analysis –  Rafael Caparica, Institut Jules Bordet
10:25 Colchicine as salvage for refractory pyrexia due to BRAF and MEK inhibitors: a case report –Michael Saerens, UZ Gent
10:35 Break
10:55 Round table discussion rectal cancer – chair Joelle Collignon, CHU de Liège
The changing landscape of neoadjuvant therapy in rectal cancer – Jeroen Dekervel, UZ Leuven
Followed by a 15 min discussion with J. Collignon (CHU de Liège), J. Dekervel (UZ Leuven), Willem Lybaert (AZ Nikolaas) and Ines Joye (Iridium)
11:30 Round table discussion breast cancer – chair Evandro de Azambuja, Institut Jules Bordet
11:31 Escalation and de-escalation strategies in early breast cancer – Donatienne Taylor, St Elisabeth, Namur
11:43 New insights in the treatment of advanced triple-negative breast cancer –Kevin Punie, UZ Leuven
Followed by a 15 min discussion with E. de Azambuja (Institut Jules Bordet), D. Taylor (St Elisabeth Namur) and K. Punie (UZ Leuven)
12:10 Keynote lecture – chair Kevin Punie, UZ Leuven
Hereditary Cancer Syndromes: What the oncologist should know – Robin De Putter, UZ Gent
12.30 Break
12:50 Pfizer Award – chair Sylvie Rottey, UZ Gent
The development, implementation and evaluation of an AYA-MOC in Belgium – Nathalie Belpame, UZ Gent (MP4)
13:00 BSMO Projects – chair Joelle Collignon, CHU de Liège
13:00 COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with solid cancer in Belgium: The BSMO COVID project – Mariana Brandao, Institut Jules Bordet
13:10 BSMO project – Immunomanager v 2.0: National multidisciplinary immunotox board – Sandrine Aspeslagh, UZ Brussel
13:20 Best Junior abstracts ceremony and closing remarks – Joelle Collignon, CHU de Liège & Sylvie Rottey, UZ Gent
13:45 Virtual general assembly – for BSMO members only

Click here to download the final programme (PDF)

Accreditation with RIZIV/INAMI is pending

Registration is closed
Target audience: Medical oncologists and oncologists in training.
Other physicians with focus on cancer management are also welcome to join.

Call for original science abstracts
Abstract submission is now closed. Authors that have successfully submitted an abstract for our meeting will receive a notification about the review result in the week of 25 January 2021.

Let’s stay virtually connected, until we can meet again.

For more information about the meeting, please contact
Mieke Akkers – M+
Tel +32 (0)486 888 888



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