Skin toxicity

General information regarding skin toxicity

Skin toxicity is among one of the most common AEs observed with ICPi and usually develops within the first few weeks after treatment initiation. However, serious skin toxicity is rare and usually does not require dose reductions, or treatment discontinuation. The most frequent skin AEs are rash, pruritus and vitiligo. More rarely, other skin AEs have been reported with ICPI: alopecia areata, stomatitis, xerosis cutis and photosensitivity. Exacerbation of psoriasis has also been anecdotally reported, as well as psoriasiform or lichenoid skin reactions in patients without any history of such skin disease.

Symptom Grade 1

  • > 10% Body Surface Area (BSA)
  • Mild
  • Localized
  • Pruritus grade 1

Symptom Grade 2-4

  • > 10% Body Surface Area (BSA)
  • Profound skin infiltration


AE: Adverse Event
ICPi: Immune Checkpoint Blockade Inhibition
BSA: Body Surface Area

Note: This is not a diagnosis/management tool for patients: patients should always consult their treating specialist