AE considered related to TKI

Note: this is a simplified overview. For detailed information, please refer to the product SMPCs.

G≤1 or tolerable G2, thyroid or adrenal dysfunction:

  • continue TKI
  • supportive care
  • endocrine replacement therapy

Intolerable G2, G≥3, ONJ or AST/ALT >3-10xULN and/or bilirubin <2xULN:

  • hold TKI
  • when resolved to G≤1 or baseline: restart TKI at reduced dose
  • if recurrent/intolerant at lowest dose: discontinue TKI

Consider discontinuation TKI in case of:

  • ONJ
  • severe hemorrhage
  • GI perforation/fistula
  • acute cardiovascular events
  • severe uncontrollable hypertension
  • ALT/AST >10x ULN or >3x ULN with bili ≥2x ULN
  • nephrotic syndrome
  • RPLS