Axitinib + anti-PD-(L)1

  • Fatigue, hepatitis, diarrhea and hypothyroidism are AE that could be induced by both TKI and ICPI
  • Grade II-III-IV toxicity: stop Axitinib: symptoms should regress within 72 hours
  • Restart Axitinib in dose and timing according to usual recommendations (link to be added)

Warning signs for immune-related Adverse Events: these should be treated as such (overview immunomanager)

  • Rapid deterioration of one single AE
  • Fever
  • >1 suspected immune-related AE
  • High CRP (which cannot be explained by other causes)
  • Symptoms that do not regress within 72h of stop of Axitinib
  • Note: This is not a diagnosis/management tool for patients: patients should always consult their treating specialist