COVID-19 and Cancer

BSMO has prepared useful materials to support oncology professionals in their delivery of quality cancer care.

Message from the BSMO

Dear colleagues,

We are facing difficult times for everybody, not in the least for health care providers and cancer patients.
As professional organization, the BSMO wants to update you on the way most of us deal with the crisis. Of course, local hospital rules and regulations from the government have to be followed. In general, in a lot of hospitals, the care for cancer patients goes on.

We recommend:

  • reduce the number of patient contacts in your hospital by performing TELE consultations f.i. for patients in follow up of their disease or for patients under oral treatment // or postpone consultations with several months if feasible
  • decide in a critical way on the need for an IV administration these days in the day clinic
  • decide in a critical way on the need for the start of a new cancer treatment (could it be postponed voor several months?)
  • in general one could state: if an appointment/investigation/treatment could not wait for a period of 12 weeks because not safe for patients health : contacts should go on as preplanned -check incoming patients and eventual visitors in your day clinic for viral symptoms so that you are able to catch probable infected patients in time
  • adjuvant-neoadjuvant therapy: guidelines should be followed although adjustments of scheduling can be considered on individual patient characteristics (shorten therapy, f.e 9 instead of 12 cycli Paclitaxel)
  • in general better to avoid or taper use of steroids if possible

For clinical trials:
Ongoing trials could be continued, in some oncology departments new patients are still included in running trials. We do not recommend to initiate new trials nowadays. Monitors are not allowed anymore to visit the hospitals.

Sylvie Rottey and BSMO board

Information and articles (see below)

The section ‘most recent’ covers the last  publications. The section ‘literature’ is an overview of all articles published at this page. All links are dated (this is the date of publication on this page).

Most recent articles

29/9/2020 || COVID-19 and cancer – Project part I
The BSMO in collaboration with sciensano published this nationwide population based anaysis of patients with COVID-19 and solid cancer in Belgium: In this population-based nationwide cohort study, we observed that hospitalised patients with solid cancer and COVID-19 were older and presented with fewer symptoms/signs and lung imaging alterations compared with patients without cancer. Moreover, hospitalised patients with solid cancer had a 34% higher chance of dying within 30 days of COVID-19 diagnosis compared with patients without cancer. This adverse prognostic effect was more pronounced among patients <60 years and/or those without other comorbidities.

Full information is available at ESMOopen

10/06/2020 || Session Live – COVID-19 and cancer (NL  / FR)


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